OOTech Seed Fundraising

OOLoop is disrupting DEI, surveys & business analytics with continuous private journal entries & insight studies to improve mental health & QoL.

Data Driven, Privacy Focused, Unbiased Insights to Validate Ideas and Improve Experiences


Elevator Pitch

The Problem

1) No visibility into what impacts mental health and Quality of Life especially on issues involving sexism, gender inequality, racism, police brutality, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, domestic & workplace abuse.
2) Current options involves a fragmented approach to understanding experiences to improve products, and services.
3) Surveys are ineffective due to imprecise recollection of experiences and lack of privacy

OOLoop’s Solution

A single fully integrated platform built with data ownership, privacy and security by design, and monetization features to capitalize on the data economy

OOLoop for Loopers (B2C)

Loopers record their emotional experiences on our platform in the form of private journal entries called Loops to improve mental health & Quality of Life, make social connection based on similar experience and participate in our data economy.

OOLoop for Builders (B2B)

Builders are organizations and policy makers who are interested in understanding experiences to improve mental health and Quality of Life (QoL) for employees, customers or anyone impacted by their products, services or policies

Why OOLoop?

Real-time, unbiased insights on the full spectrum of human emotions and a gauge to understand the impact products, services & policies have on mental health and Quality of Life.

Business Model

1) Premium journaling features for Loopers in the form of subscriptions
2) Digital consumables for Builders (industry reports etc)
3) Builders use our platform to create and deploy insight studies and they pay based on the number of participants and the duration of the studies

Market Size (USD)

TAM = $1.2 Trillion, SAM = $192 Billion, SOM = $115 Billion

Competition (B2B)

Diversio (DEI), Survey Monkey (forms & surveys), Qualtrics (business intelligence)


Technical founder (CEO/CTO, Sr. Software Eng.) started OOTech in 2019
+ 3 co-founders in management (Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Dir. of Strategy & Partnership)
+ 1 co-founder in engineering (Dir. Privacy & AI)
+ 1 strategic advisor (sales, revenue and business development)

OOTech is raising $8M CAD

Use of funds: 37% on growth, 34% on operations, 29% on R&D

OOLoop is disrupting the survey and business intelligence space to provide the best product & technology in the market to support DEI efforts, mental health and Quality of Life (QoL). This seed round is limited in time and investor reach. If you think your firm can be a strategic partner that provides more than just capital but also understand privacy tech, mental health / QoL or the business intelligence space, we would like to speak with you.