Data Driven, Privacy Focused, Unbiased Insights to Validate Ideas and Improve Experiences.

OOLoop for Loopers

Our proprietary technology uses feedback loops to tackle toxic experiences involving sexism, gender inequality, racism, police brutality, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, domestic and workplace abuse in order to improve Quality of Life.


Individuals who rely on a physical or digital journal to track their experiences in order to improve mental health.

  • Journaling helps you understand your desires, priorities, and worries.
  • According to mental health professionals, journaling is one of the most recommended tools to clear your mind and live a happier life.
  • Journaling on OOLoop helps you release mental blockades and be more precise about your thoughts.

OOLoop for Builders

Tools for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), HR managers, D&I consultants or trainers and policy makers who want to understand & improve experiences.

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Entrepreneurs, organizations and policy makers who want to understand experiences recorded by employees, customers or constituents to make better business or policy decisions and continuously improve their brands, products, services, and policies at a local and global scale.

  • You provide the parameters for the insight studies
  • Anyone impacted (Loopers) can join a study and record their emotional experiences to be analyzed without compromising privacy
  • Our algorithms understands the emotion, context, environment, causes, solutions, products, services, policies, people, and organizations involved in the experience
  • We provide you with privacy preserving, real-time, unbiased insights to close the feedback loop to improve products, services & policies at a local & global scale