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Press Releases

OOLoop For Loopers: Launch

OOLoop Launched in the Apple App Store for iOS & iPadOS devices. Understand how your daily emotional experiences affect your standard of health, comfort and happiness through private journal entries called Loops. Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time. According to mental health professionals, journaling is one of the most recommended tools to clear your mind and live a happier life. OOLoop is a Quality of Life platform with advanced journaling features build with data ownership, privacy and security by design.

OOTech Team

OOTech is happy to announce an important recruitment milestone which brings us closer toward OOTech’s goal of democratizing data ownership & privacy and OOLoop’s mission to improve Quality Of Life on a local and global scale.

Create Loops

Create Records Of Your Daily Emotional Experiences. OOLoop launched this feature as part of version 0.3 release.

Auth Session

Authentication Session Management. OOLoop launched this feature as part of version 0.1 release.

OOLoop Is Available For Testing

OOLoop is currently available for testing and we are looking for individuals who experience sexism & gender inequality, racism & police brutality, homophobia & transphobia and those who experience domestic abuse to help us understand the tools we need to build to improve your Quality of Life (QoL).