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About Us

Optimizing big data management, privacy & dynamic ownership of the world’s information.

OOTech Inc. is a Canadian technology startup who’s goal is to connect people to their digital world so they can regain control & ownership of their data. We build web, desktop & mobile apps as well as decentralized servers, routers & IOT sensors that work seamlessly together to achieve our vision of an internet where every user owns and controls the digital information they generate (social, professional, medical, financial etc.). We want to provide a better alternative to the current way user data is handled by online companies. People want amazing, life enriching experiences online without having to sacrifice their data’s privacy, security or ownership. We believe that it is a fundamental human right to be able to own and have granular control over every single data point that you generate, that is why we are building a tech platform ecosystem made of OOApps that allows you to Optimize Ownership of your digital world and provides you with online tools to enrich your personal and professional life.