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Capture & Improve Experiences

Data driven, privacy focused, AI optimized platform to capture and understand emotional experiences and improve mental health and Quality of Life (QoL) at a local and global scale.


Capturing experiences through journaling is the #1 recommended tool to improve Quality of Life, mental health, reduce stress and anxiety, find inspiration, strengthen memory, gain self confidence, achieve goals and track progress and growth.

Explore Quality of Life

Quality of Life (QoL) refers to the overall well-being and satisfaction experienced by individuals in various aspects of their lives. The QoL Index (QoLI) measures the standard of health, comfort and happiness at an individual, local and global scale.

OOLoop for Builders

Builders are business executives, HR managers, DEI consultants, ERG leaders or policy makers who want to improve their products, services, events, or policies by understanding experiences.

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