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OOLoop Is Available For Testing

OOTech Inc., a Toronto based technology startup on a mission to democratize data ownership and privacy, is happy to announce that OOLoop is available for testing on Apple’s TestFlight App. OOLoop (version 0.1) contains 2 core features: Authentication & Feedback.

Loopers are smart phone owners who want to explore how daily experiences impact their Quality Of Life (QOL).

Builders are entrepreneurs, business managers and policy makers who want to validate ideas and understand the problem their product, service or policy aims to solve.

Loopers & Builders can request an invite at if they own a device running iOS/iPadOS 14 and want to be part of the first group to experience the platform. Testers should download the app only if they want to help find bugs and provide feedback on the kind of features the platform needs.

OOLoop (version 0.1) is currently testing these 5 features:

  1. Secure password-less signup or login using a verified or guest account
  2. Linking a guest account to a verified email address
  3. Session deletion (logout)
  4. Account deletion (permanently deleting user data from OOLoop servers)
  5. Feedback on the features OOLoop should have at launch

OOLoop is looking for:

  • Individuals who experience hardships involving sexism & gender inequality, racism & police brutality, homophobia & transphobia and domestic abuse
  • Organizations and businesses who are working on products and services that addresses these toxic experiences
  • Politicians and law makers who are working on policies that addresses these toxic experiences

OOTech founder Didier Dorélien notes:

I have chosen to focus on these specific issues at the launch of OOLoop because hardships involving sexism & gender inequality, racism & police brutality, homophobia & transphobia and domestic abuse have such a negative impact on the Quality Of Life (QOL) of people who have experienced these injustices and quite simply, I want to help.

Every human being should have the right to live a life free of these negative and toxic experiences. As individuals, we don’t keep track of our daily experiences or the associated emotions . When you record an experience on OOLoop, the platform provides visibility into the causes of that experience and helps you monitor how it affects your QOL.

When a woman experiences pay inequality, or gets told she is too bossy when she displays ambition, she can record a Loop. When a black man isn’t considered for that promotion because of racist assumptions, or gets profiled when driving an expensive car or when shopping at a high end boutique, he can record a Loop. When a transgender person gets denied service at a store or a gay man has to hide his sexual orientation at work because of a homophobic boss, he can record a Loop. When a woman lives in fear at home or gets constantly told she’s worthless by an abusive and controlling spouse or family member, she can record a Loop.

A Loop is your record of that experience; creating one unlocks insights into the sources that contributed to that toxic experience and OOLoop helps you explore various solutions that addresses these hardships to improve your QOL.

Builders should never make decisions about a product, service or policy without input and feedback from the people directly impacted by such product, service or policy.

OOLoop will enable Builders to validate ideas and understand the problem they want to solve. In addition Builders can track how their solution improved Loopers‘ QOL. This tracking provides a metric that can help Builders make better business and policy decisions when designing solutions that impacts lives at a local and global scale.

OOLoop is only accepting 1,000 Loopers and 10 Builders during this release. Visit to request an invite and download the app.

OOTech Inc. is a Canadian technology startup and our goal is to connect people to their digital world so they can regain control & ownership of their data. We build web, desktop & mobile apps as well as decentralized servers, routers & IOT sensors that work seamlessly together to achieve our vision of an internet where every user owns and controls the digital information they generate (social, professional, medical, financial etc.). We want to provide a better alternative to the current way user data is handled by online companies. People want amazing, life enriching experiences online without having to sacrifice their data’s privacy, security or ownership. We believe that it is a fundamental human right to be able to own and have granular control over every single data point that you generate, that is why we are building a tech platform ecosystem made of OOApps that allows you to Optimize Ownership of your digital world and provides you with online tools to enrich your personal and professional life.