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Enable The Looper In You

Loopers: Individuals who rely on a physical or digital journal to track their experiences in order to improve mental health. Our proprietary feedback loop technology helps improve Quality of Life (QoL) for individuals affected by toxic experiences on issues involving gender, race, LGBTQ, disability, domestic and workplace abuse. Loopers want to explore the causes and solutions related to their experiences, earn income by participating in the new data economy and connect with other Loopers who have similar local and global experiences. A Loop is a journal entry that represents an experience, an issue, a problem, a feedback or an opinion. At the core of a Loop is the Looper’s emotional response to that experience.

OOTech Inc.

OOLoop for Loopers improves quality of life, connects experiences and generates income.

OOLoop also helps improve the products and services you use everyday and the policies that impacts your life on a local or global scale.

Builders are the entrepreneurs, organizations and policy makers who are working hard to provide solutions to the problems you experience daily by improving their products, services and policies.

OOLoop is built with Optimized Ownership features that enables you to have granular control over your data ownership, privacy and storage location. You should not have to sacrifice data ownership or privacy when helping to improve products, services and polices that impacts your life.

Improve Quality of Life

On a daily basis we navigate a roller coaster of emotions that might include love, joy, trust, sadness, fear, disgust, anger without any insight on the overall impact these emotions have on our quality of life. That roller coaster of emotions is caused by sources both within and outside our control. Recording our daily experiences provides visibility into the elements that impacts overall happiness: a huge value to any individual.

Quality of life (QoL) is the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual. World Health Organization defines Quality of Life as “an individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns“. Daily experiences reflecting emotions associated with happiness support a positive QOL and daily experiences that lean more towards negative emotions detract from a positive QoL.

On the OOLoop platform, you can create Loops throughout your day by recording your experiences, issues, problems, feedbacks and opinions as well as the emotions associated with each experience. A Loop is your record of each experience plus how each experience made you feel. Your Loops build over time as a collection of experiences and associated feelings that generates a Quality of Life Index (QoLI) which is directly linked to the kind of emotions you experience the most. You can then gain deeper insights into your QoL by analyzing the causes and solutions related to your experiences. Understanding the causes helps you determine who or what contributed to your QoL. The solutions to an experience thus offer insight into ways to improve your QoL. Both causes and solutions can tag a product, service or policy, person, organization, policy, or url link that impacts the experience.

Social Connections Based on Similar Experiences

There is a large segment of our population who feel like their daily experiences simply don’t matter because they assume that their experiences are isolated events. There is considerable value in knowing that you are not the only one going through a particular experience.

Social media platforms have been selling a false sense of what it means to connect with each other. The Netflix film The Social Dilemma outlines what happens when technology stops being a tool used to connect and becomes this faceless machine who’s goal is to feed you content that will illicit your strongest emotional response: not an approach that puts people’s well being first is it? I know that we can do better and we deserve better!

On OOLoop you will connect with other Loopers based on shared experiences. It starts with the deeper bond that exist from having gone through those experiences and builds a relationship by providing tools to connect, share and meet.

Generate Income via The New Data Economy

The new data economy, enabled by our OOProtocol provides ownership, privacy and storage location controls to Loopers like you. The new data economy does not sell your data along with your control over it. Rather it enables you to sell controlled and aggregated access to your data by machine learning algorithms that runs on your physical device to generate insights for Builders. The new data economy pays you fair market value for access to your data when it is used to train such machine learning models or to generate insights. In this article I provide more details about the new data economy.

How OOLoop makes money is also important to note. I believe the only way to guarantee that a platform’s goals and interests are aligned with the goals and interests of the people who use the platform, is to make the business model transparent and to focus on the data owner.

Would you like to start a conversation and talk about the benefits of becoming a Looper?

Leave your email on and we’ll add you to our feedback channel on Slack where we can have a conversation about the features you would love to have implemented on OOLoop.