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Validate Your Ideas and Provide Solutions That Impacts Lives

Builders are entrepreneurs, business managers and policy makers who play a critical role in the success of new products, services and policies that impact individuals on a local and global scale. Builders constantly seek insights, search for trends and develop analyses to validate ideas whilst faced with increasingly tight deadlines. OOLoop for Builders delivers Data Driven, Privacy Focused, Unbiased Insights.

OOTech Inc.

Collecting feedback is crucial before launching products, services and/or policies that impact Loopers lives. Builders need to answer these 4 key questions when planning to launch something new:

  1. What is the problem I wish to solve?
  2. Who are the people experiencing that problem?
  3. What are the most urgent pain points they experience?
  4. How will my solution impact their lives?

The tech landscape is filled with companies that uses feedback to help answer these questions. Identifying specific problems people are experiencing in the real world and gaining insights as to how your solution will impact customers lives can be challenging. The tools currently available are fragmented into the following categories:

As an entrepreneur, business manager or policy maker, having to visit multiple platforms in order to gain the insights you need is not a good experience. No platform today offers a complete set of tools to help you understand the problem, the people affected by it, their most urgent pain points or how your solution can positively impact their lives. No platform today collects and analyzes feedback with data ownership and privacy in mind. What are your options? Choose between a fragmented approach or research and collect the feedback yourself. Both options are time consuming, expensive and prone to error. OOLoop provides a third and superior option: a single fully integrated platform that delivers data driven, privacy focused, unbiased insights to help validate product, services and policies at a local and global scale.

Data Driven Feedback

Getting the right insights from data is not easy and insight is meaningless without the right kind of data and the right analysis tools. Data driven feedback is about using the right data set in combination with validated conditions using on device sensors and other methods in order to derive an accurate representation of the Looper‘s experience which is used to generate actionable insights. If you are an entrepreneur, business manager or policy maker, insights that can help you make better decisions and validate your ideas are priceless.

Privacy Focused Feedback

In this article, I discuss data ownership and privacy by detailing how platforms with these principles at their core have a distinct advantage over other platforms. Privacy has become a mainstream issue and people are demanding ownership of their own data. A platform that manages a user’s information for the purpose of feedback or market research must manage that data in a way that respects data ownership and privacy. OOLoop is the only platform that provides ownership, privacy and storage location control features to help gather the most accurate insights without sacrificing the integrity of the owner’s data.

Unbiased Feedback

Feedback is only as good as the amount of bias it contains. OOLoop captures real world experiences at the moment of the experience.

When Loopers record an experience OOLoop uses on device machine learning models specific to each Looper to understand the experience and remove any bias toward a brand, person, organization etc. In the following article I provide details on the process of how the OOLoop platform records an experience.

A New Kind of Feedback Loops

As a Builder, time and money is spent on market research, user testing, and surveys using a fragmented set of tools to get a partial and sometime inaccurate view into a problem you want to understand. That’s one way to do it. A better approach is to sign up at download the app on your iPhone & iPad running on iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, create your brand and tell us about your products, services or policies. We use that information to provide you with insights (free and/or paid ) on the problem you want to understand and how your solution impacts lives. You can also validate specific ideas with research studies that provides deeper insights that leads to better business decisions.