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Optimizing Ownership of The World’s Information

OO – Optimized Ownership

Optimizing Ownership of the world’s information means giving people the digital tools they need to manage ownership, privacy and the storage location of the data they generate. Every OOTech brand is built on top of our OOProtocol which gives a platform like OOLoop the ability to provide privacy focused feedback loops to help entrepreneurs, business managers and policy makers improve their products, services or policies.

Now that privacy is mainstream more people care about how their online data is handled. Many companies provide data ownership and privacy as their product: they either help businesses comply with new privacy regulations or help people manage their digital footprint by allowing them to delete their accounts or scrub their online data. I believe a better approach is to not treat privacy as the product but as the foundation on top of which we build compelling products and services to help people manage their digital presence.

People don’t want privacy apps. They don’t want to use a platform who’s sole purpose is to manage privacy because that does not deliver enough value. What they do want is amazing, life enriching experiences online without having to sacrifice the ownership, privacy or security of their data.

Didier Dorélien

Data ownership, privacy and storage location control should be expected as the underlying technology that powers all online platforms: it should be baked in at the core of every electronic device, application, or website. Only when that is achieved will the data economy benefit that actual data owner. Only then will the data economy benefit the people using the platform, rather than the big tech companies that collect user data without permission in order to profit.

Optimized Ownership is a set of principles outlined in our OOProtocol that allows people like you and me to own our digital experiences. The goal is to provide a superior alternative to the current way data is handled by tech companies and set the industry standard on data ownership and privacy. OOTech is launching an app ecosystem built on these principles to give users more control over their digital experiences. OOLoop is the first brand on our platform and I encourage you to read about how Builders (entrepreneurs, business managers and policy makers) use feedback loops to improve their products, services and policies and how Loopers connect based on shared experiences, earn income from the new data economy and improve their quality of life using feedback loops.